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While much has changed since his debut LP, certain things have retained their integrity, as Chris de Burgh released The Hands of Man, his 20th studio album of original new material, on Butler Records.  Preluded by the lead single ‘The Keeper of The Keys’, “about the right of every human being to a life of dignity and to the right of education”, the album is a potent mix of versatility. ‘The Fields Of Agincourt’ is a classic, filmic and historical de Burgh epic, ‘There Goes My Heart Again’ swings like a ’30s big band and ‘Where Would I Be’ is as emotive, sensitive and relatable a ballad as Chris has ever written or recorded. “The record is a cornucopia of music and emotion and I hope the fans out there will be very surprised not only by the strength of the songwriting, but also at the depth of the album, which you can go back to again and again.” – Chris de Burgh Tracklist
  1. The Hand Of Man
  2. There Goes My Heart Again
  3. Big City Sundays
  4. Where Would I Be
  5. The Ghost Of Old King Richard
  6. The Candlestick
  7. Through These Eyes
  8. The Keeper Of The Keys
  9. Meridiem
  10. Letting Go
  11. When The Dream Is Over
  12. Empty Rooms
  13. The Bridge
  14. The Fields Of Agincourt
  15. One More Goodbye
  • Release date: 2014.10.20
  • Barcode: 8718627221686 (CD)
  • Also Available: A Better World