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Backspace Unwind by LAMB contains 10 new songs written by Andy & Lou with 4 featuring string arrangements by Tom Trapp, who also conducted the string section for the recording session at Air Lyndhurst Studios in London.

The Butler Records album includes tracks ‘In Binary’, ‘Shines Like This’, ‘We Fall In Love’, ‘As Satellites Go By’ among others.

“Making this album has been a journey of discovery in so many ways. After making music together over a period of almost 20 years, it’s reassuring that new routes and approaches seem to abound. Over those years I think we’ve learnt that this journey needs no map; in fact tearing that map up, at every twist and turn, has become our regular gleeful practice.” – Lou


  1. In Binary
  2. We Fall In Love
  3. As Satellites Go By
  4. Backspace & Unwind
  5. Shines Like This
  6. What Makes Us Human
  7. Nobody Else
  8. Seven Sails
  9. Doves & Ravens
  10. Only Our skin
  • Release date: 2014.10.13
  • Barcode: 8718627221716 (CD)
  • Also Available: Five