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Sonic Revolver is the new album by the Ruben Hoeke Band, released through Butler Records.

On this fourth album under his own name, Ruben Hoeke still delves into his R&B/Blues roots but the main focus here lies on catchy songs, performed by a band on fire. Therefore Sonic Revolver has, in comparison to his previous albums, a significantly more diverse Hard Rock, Soul, and Pop vibe.

The new Ruben Hoeke Band features the renowned Paul Brandsen on bass, brother Eric Hoeke on drums, and the highly talented discovery Lucas Pruim on vocals.


  1. That’s the Boogie
  2. Pet the Fat Cat (Milk Her Sugar)
  3. A Naked Phrase
  4. Cyanide Fire
  5. Liar, Liar (Panties on Fire)
  6. Hour-E-Cow
  7. Proof of Monsters
  8. Fresh from the Mother
  9. Selling to Sell
  10. C-C-C-C-C-C Come on!
  11. Belltower
  12. Live Today
  13. Time
  • Release date: 2016.09.23
  • Barcode: 8718627223987 (CD)