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Substance and accessibility are often considered opposing forces when it comes to pop music, making it all the more impressive when a band like Scenic Route To Alaska so effortlessly delivers ample doses of both.

Long Walk Home, the prairie indie third LP/CD on Butler Records, finds them effortlessly weaving catchy vocals and memorable melodies through rich arrangements – instantly engaging but begging to be heard again and again. It’s a coveted combination within the crowded sphere of indie rock – and one that’s rarely the product of anything but time, talent, and heaps of hard work. Of course, Scenic Route To Alaska are no strangers to any of those.

Listen to their single ‘Coming Back’ below:


  1. Coming Back
  2. Long Walk Home
  3. She Only Let You Down
  4. Love Keeps
  5. Taking Its Toll
  6. One Day
  7. Young Free Wild
  8. Again Again
  9. Younger
  10. Home Stretch
  11. Love Is The Ocean
  • Release date: 2016.09.23
  • Barcode: 8718627224021 (CD)