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The Dutch neo-progressive rock band Knight Area is characterized by heavy guitars, pounding rhythm sections, fluent synths, and melodic vocals. In their own words, they describe their music as “symphonic rock music with a variety of styles with very melodic keyboards and guitars.” The band already achieved international success due to their strong and catchy songs.

Founded in 2004 by composer and keyboardist Gerben Klazinga, Knight Area is a worldwide successful band with great live performances in Europe, Japan, and the United States. The band exists of 5 members, including Mark Smit (vocals and keyboard), Pieter van Hoorn (drums), Mark Bogert (guitars), and Peter Vink (bass), former member of Q65 a.o.

Their album Heaven and Beyond is released on February 10th 2017 through Butler Records (CD) and Music On Vinyl (LP).

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  1. Unbroken
  2. Dreamworld
  3. The Reaper
  4. Twins Of Sins
  5. Box Of Toys
  6. Starlight
  7. Heaven & Beyond
  8. Saviours And Sinners
  9. Eternal Light
  10. Tree Of Life
  11. Memories
  • Release date: 2017.02.10
  • Barcode: 8718627224113 (CD)
  • Barcode: 8719262003347 (LP, Music On Vinyl)