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The Dutch cult formation Batmobile released their newest album Brand New Blisters on March 3, 2017. It’s their first full-length release since the album Welcome To Planet Cheese which came out in 1997. The release of the new record of these internationally recognized Psychobilly heroes is celebrated during the fourth edition of the Scumbash Festival. This festival is hosted by  the notorious barbers of the Rotterdam based barbershop Schorem. Since the first edition of Scumbash, Batmobile has been the festival’s Artist In Residence.

Brand New Blisters is the result of 6 months of hard work in the Shitpit Studio owned by Jeroen. The album is mastered by the illustrious Hay Zeelen, who also worked for Sepultura, Joe Jackson and Beth Hart to name a few. The great artwork has been made by Pieter M. Dorrenboom, since 1984 the band’s art designer and responsible for a.o. the band’s logo and most of their album covers. The album will be released on CD by Butler Records. Music on Vinyl will take care of the vinyl edition, the first pressing will be available on yellow vinyl.

Batmobile was founded in 1983 by Jeroen Haamers (vocals/guitar), Johnny Zuidhof (drums) and Eric Haamers (doublebass). After a few months of covering old rockabilly tunes, they decided to start writing their own material, leading to the release of their self titled debut album in 1985. This release led to considerable (inter)national recognition, leading to years of touring in the Benelux, Germany, England, France, Japan, Scandinavia, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and the USA.

The release of two Tribute to Batmobile albums on a Japanese record label, featuring cover versions of Batmobile songs German, Russian, Swedish, Hungarian, Dutch and American bands, shows the  international success of the band. To this day, the band tours internationally and they recently were guests on Dutch national TV and Russian TV.

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  1. BatmoManiacs
  2. Rock & Roll and Alcohol
  3. Save my Soul
  4. Demolition
  5. Never Gonna Stop
  6. Motherfuckin’ Hippie
  7. Spider Sylvia
  8. Killmachine
  9. Apeface
  10. From the Get Go
  11. Wild Wild Man
  12. Fucked Up
  13. It’s Rock & Roll
  14. Rest In Peace
  15. Big Bob
  • Release date: 2017.03.03
  • Barcode: 8718627224137 (CD)
  • Barcode: 8719262003071 (LP, Music On Vinyl)