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Standup ’69 is an Indie Rock band from Rotterdam (NL) with an eclectic repertoire ranging from catchy to atmospheric songs with a Psychedelic twist. The trio released two EPs before, ‘Standup ’69’ in 2014 and ‘5X69’ in 2016. They also performed more than 100 shows in The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Stream and download their debut album Communicate here:


Standup ’69’s show and sound is known to be refreshing and exciting, because the band keeps challenging themselves and so bring their music and shows to a next level. This gave them two awards, the audience prize at the Eendrachtsfestival en de audience prize during the grand final of the Grote Prijs in Rotterdam. Also two singles from the EP ‘5X69’ were nominated for Best Track at the Rotterdam Music Awards, the band was selected to participate in the famous Popronde 2016 and were included in Never Mind The Hype’s selection.
In 2017 back in the studio, they started to record their first full-length album with producer Rikke Korswagen (Half Way Station). The debut album will be released through Butler Records (CD and LP) in the beginning of 2018. This will also be the start of the release tour, so stay tuned for more.

Stream and download their debut album Communicate here:

  1. Feels Like Lying
  2. Communicate With Me
  3. Interlude
  4. Dark Space
  5. As It Comes
  6. Darkest Desires
  7. Happy Days
  8. I Need It Now
  9. Ill
  10. Face

Release date: 2018.03.30
Barcode CD: 8718627226209
Barcode LP: 8719262005785