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Rob Hoeke, the father of guitarist Ruben Hoeke and drummer Eric Hoeke, is widely considered to be one of the best Boogie-Woogie & Blues piano players ever to come out of Europe. He started out in 1957, recorded over 20 albums, 35 singles and performed all over the world, right up to the day he died on November 6th, 1999. He was only 60 years old.

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Sons Ruben Hoeke and Eric Hoeke state the following about the album: “We had actually known for a long time that he recorded several tracks for us to play along with someday after he would be gone. After his death, the songs were the last thing on our minds for many, many years to come. Simply put, the time just wasn’t right. Musically we both went our own separate ways, playing our asses off each and every night, not really thinking about tomorrow. Sometimes we actually did perform together, which was always great fun.


By 2015 we joined forces again, as it was meant to be. We began to restore what needed to be repaired and along the way we started thinking about our musical legacy. We dug up the recordings our father left us and started selecting tracks. His playing sounded flawless and explosive. Rolling the blues and kicking the boogie like only he could. In May 2017 we started recording our parts to go along with his original piano tracks.

The recording process was emotional, to say the least. At times it was pretty difficult because our dad didn’t record anything using any guidance or ‘clicktrack’. So we really had to dig into those tunes the hard way and learn them by heart. Once we really had the groove going, we could feel his presence in the studio. It was somewhat surreal like he was guiding us through the songs. We tend to think we succeeded in making him proud and we sure hope you’ll enjoy his one of a kind playing as much as we do.” – Eric & Ruben Hoeke



  1. Cruisin’ With My Kids
  2. Slempie Shuffle
  3. Stick With Me, Baby
  4. Maria Peseta
  5. Ode To Jimmy Yancey
  6. Holland Boogie
  7. Dreef 268
  8. Blues In The Dark
  9. Dedicated To Erroll Garner
  10. Lobo Bonk Stomp
  11. Take It Easy
  12. Uncovered
  13. Believe Me
  14. Goodbye Boogie

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Release date: 2017.12.01
Barcode CD: 8718627226230
Barcode LP: 8719262005433