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Mercy John released his EP Cruel Love through Butler Records on the 20th of September 2019.


The highly acclaimed debut album ‘This Ain’t New York’ opened up many doors for the Dutch songwiter John Verhoeven aka Mercy John, leading to numerous (festival) shows and support tours. At one point everything seemed to move a little bit too fast. The singer met both himself as well as some fears that had been following him for many years. His second album ‘Let It Go Easy’ was written during that time. Even though ‘Let It Go Easy’ is an album about a difficult time in his life, the songs for the album came very naturally. Mercy John already gained praise for his songwriting skills on his debut album, but ‘Let It Go Easy’ proved even more that the deepest emotions often lead to the most intriguing songs. For his new EP ‘Cruel Love’ Mercy John re-recorded six of his favorite tracks of his first two albums. They now come in a completely stripped down version, just John, his acoustic guitar and his harmonica.


  1. Safe Now
  2. Endless Summer
  3. Trains
  4. Bad Start
  5. This Ain’t New York
  6. Cruel Love

Release date: 2019.09.20
Barcode CD: 8718627230152