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Ruben Hoeke band will release their album All Saints through Butler Records on the 1st of November 2019.


In his own words: “Since ‘Sonic Revolver’ (2016) and the double live album ‘25 Live’ (2018), it was time to create something new, resulting in ‘All Saints’, featuring my brother Eric on drums, Mike on bass and Lucas on vocals. Musically, at the time, I very much liked the way ‘Sonic Revolver’ was going. Because of the many live shows since, we improved as a band, and I think it shows on this record. During the summer of 2018, I began writing new songs and started forwarding them to Lucas, who came up with some brilliant vocal lines and lyrics. By the end of the year we were banging them out in the rehearsal room. In February 2019 we began recording at the Captain Hook Studio. The music took about two weeks to complete, and one week for the singing. I quess that’s pretty quick by today’s standards. In the middle of the recording process, my friend and graphic designer, Jan Blaauw, asked me what the album would be called. I hadn’t really given it much thought yet, but at that precise moment my eye caught an image that said ‘All Saints’. I remember thinking to myself that would make up for a pretty interesting album title since it not only reflected our personalities perfectly (that’s a joke), but it somehow suited the music and lyrics as well. We were not taking the easy road. After three weeks of recording, I had blisters on my fingers, Eric had smashed his drumkit to bits, Mike was almost strangled by his bass strings and Lucas had nearly destroyed his vocal cords when, on the last day of recording, he left the studio at 7.30 a.m. Was it all worth the trouble? To us, it certainly was! We once again hope all you sinners and saints enjoy this record as much as we did while making it. Bless you all, folks!”

Release date: 2019.11.01
Barcode CD: 8718627230145