De Niemanders

Life behind bars is something most of us won’t have to experience. Still, for a large group it is reality. Rocco Ostermann and Wout Kemkens wanted to show the true face of detention and have succeeded in this with their record ‘De Niemanders’.


“What would have happened with you if you’d have took the other direction at the crucial points in your life and ended up behind bars?”

This is the question songwriters Rocco Osterman and Wout Kemkens had in the back of their heads while visiting several prisons in the Netherlands. Together with and inspired by the inmates they met along this journey, they created a unique album that tells the tale of these inmates and their lives.

Release date: 01.05.2020
Available formats: CD and 2LP
EAN: 8718627231630

LP 1
1: Skycrasher
2: Die ogen
3: Van niets naar iets
4: Foute shit
5: De lijnen staan open
6: De mier
7: I won’t break
8: De ballade van het zwarte schaap
LP 2
1: Wakkermakker
2: Kopfkino
3: Walk a mile
4: Joe
5: De blauwe zak
6: Soft landing



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