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With ‘Tales Of A Future Past’ the German Metal band Mekong Delta, which has been active since 1985, presents its 11th studio album. The current cast around project-head and bassist Ralf Hubert contains Peter Lake (guitar, Theory in Practice), Alex Landenburg (drums, Cyhra, Kamelot, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody) and Martin LeMar (vocals, Lalu, Tomorrow’s Eve).


With ‘Tales Of A Future Past’ Mekong Delta succeeds in creating a complex construction which is reminiscent of classic operas. Epic and full-bodied in sound, extraordinarily versatile and dedicated in terms of instrumentation, Mekong Delta impresses with contemporary Metal, which can be classified in terms of both music and content beyond superficiality and simple structures. With an orchestra arrangement, acoustic elements and instrumental numbers including the orchestra parts, the combo sets new impulses without abandoning the classic Metal orientation. In terms of content, the 10 album tracks focus on people in extreme situations against the background of social changes and current political trends.

Release date: 8.5.2020

EAN CD: 8718627231524
EAN LP: 8718627231531

1. Landscape 1 – Into the Void
2. Mental Entropy
3. A Colony of Liar Men
4. Landscape 2 – Waste Land
5. Mindeater
6. The Hollow Men
7. Landscape 3 – Inharent
8. When All Hope is Gone
9. A Farewell to Eternity
10. Landscape 4 – Pleasant Ground