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The first raging fires started in Enschede, The Netherlands in 2018, when Kevin Storm recorded a full length album in a period of two months. A concept album on leaving everything behind, burning all ships in your wake, to sail towards…whatever it may turn out to be.
Having met on a Vulture Industries tour, both session musicians, Kevin Storm and Tomas Myklebust ended the tour agreeing “they should totally start a band together’. This was the founding block of Fleetburner, after which Kevin completed the circle by adding the other members, most of whom he shared stages with.
The search for the one vocalist proved a long hard road. A nine-month period was spent in secrecy to the public with a complete line-up, headlined by a well-known unnamed Flemish pop singer and several songs were mixed and recorded, but family related matters prevented this line-up from ever going public. This major setback was set straight by the unexpected arrival of Ken Simerly. An unknown name in the scene, and his first full-length recording here sees the light.



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